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Insurance quotes online

Insurance quotes online- why you shouldn’t do it all yourself

The American author, Garry W. Keller once said that multi-tasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time. Being a man, I am with Gary on this, however, these days we are all multitasking. This is not just because our lives have become so much busier due to poorer […]

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What is the difference between life insurance and income protection?

Just like this blurred picture, different insurance policies can make you blink whilst trying to understand what is actually captured here. Many of us have heard of policies such as life insurance and income protection but are not actually sure of their actual meaning. The reality is that the two policies are very different and […]


Staying at home to look after the kids? How much should you be paid?

They’re worth more than they were last year, according to’s latest survey. The average salary for stay-at-home partners – calculated based on what they would be paid if they were compensated for their work – rose by £500.54 compared with £366.58 over the last year. More than 6,000 parents quantified their hours by job […]

Why Buying Insurance is nothing like buying a new car or another pair of shoes?

As you all know the human mind is complex and as a result the reasons we do things in a certain way can vary. Here are a few facts about buying decisions: Buying decisions are based on buying behaviour. Consumer behaviour and business behaviour can differ because their buying processes are different. Consumers will often buy on […]

Would you seek advice or would you rather take the first deal that comes along?

You might wonder what brought me to ask you such prominent question on a sunny August morning… Well I have been doing some reading again and came across the following survey results produced by GoCompare: According to the survey, of those people who bought their home insurance through their mortgage lender, a shocking 30% – […]