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Blured picture

What is the difference between life insurance and income protection?

Just like this blurred picture, different insurance policies can make you blink whilst trying to understand what is actually captured here. Many of us have heard of policies such as life insurance and income protection but are not actually sure of their actual meaning. The reality is that the two policies are very different and […]

Mortgage rate comparison

Mortgage rate comparison- make sure you run a thorough research

A recent survey by the Resolution Foundation had found that people on medium to low income are 40% less likely to consult an independent financial adviser or a mortgage broker than people on high income. Taking this into account the popularity of comparison sites, which cover many financial products including mortgages, should be welcomed.  Indeed, […]


Making your life insurance policy work for you and your family-Writing life insurance in Trust

As I have told you numerus times, arranging your life insurance in the right way to give your loved ones the maximum possible benefit is an important consideration. Having taken the important step of getting a policy, one option to consider, in order to ensure maximum benefit to your family, is putting the policy into a […]